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There are many laser hair removal devices that have multiple precise characteristics and differences between them, there is better than others to get rid of hair in specific areas, as well as fits the colors of the skin without others, as the laser hair removal works with different systems and may combine more than one type of Laser light, so let's get to know these types and systems together in the following article.

Hair Removal Laser

Laser hair removal devices work in different types of systems, and some devices may work by combining two different types of laser, including:

IPL Hair Removal System

Some lasers use intense pulsed light to gently and safely get rid of hair from many areas of the body such as the legs and face, and the bikini area. Intense pulsed light can reach and destroy hair follicles without damaging or burning the skin.It is fast, uncomplicated, and has fewer side effects. They do not exceed redness and swelling, and often disappear quickly.

The best candidates for a hair removal device that uses intense pulsed hair with light skin and dark hair, the results often last for a long time, and the hair does not grow quickly, and in the case of growth is delicate, soft and scattered and does not grow at the same density.

Laser ND: YAG

This type of laser is mainly used to get rid of tattoos, but it is also used to remove hair, and uses different wavelengths succeed in penetrating the skin and efficient access to the bulbs, and suitable for all skin types, even for those who have tanned skin tanning or tan work, and can get rid of hair in areas The body is large quickly, and may be more disturbed during hair removal sessions than other devices.

Diode laser

This system uses dense waves of light and heat that are directed to the hair follicles, to be absorbed by melanin until the heat reaches the follicles and die, which hinders hair growth in the follicles, treatment needs diode laser system to repeat the sessions, and may produce some side effects that disappear within two days, including redness in Hair removal area.

Ruby Laser

The first hair removal system is suitable for light hair is not dense, and does not suit the complexion of the skin, and succeeds in reaching the hair follicles efficiently without damaging the surrounding skin, which is a safe, effective and relatively pain-free option, and because of the rapid pulses that are characterized by, may be accompanied by some pain. The speed of laser light pulses increases the pain, but the pain is slight thanks to cooling gel and anesthesia cream before treatment.

To the Alexandrite Minister

The Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal System is the fastest type of laser, making it the most suitable treatment to get rid of hair in large areas of the body in a short time, and is suitable for most people with light and olive skin, which is the most used systems to get rid of excess hair, characterized by selective and effective access to the bulbs, Laser pulses are fast as the back can be completely eliminated using Alexandrite laser in less than 30 minutes, giving semi-permanent results, reducing hair density, thickness and color.

Types of laser hair removal device
The most popular types of laser hair removal devices include:

Cynosure device

It is one of the most advanced devices in the market of modern hair removal devices, Cynosure hair removal combines many wavelengths absorbed by melanin efficiently to reach the follicles, and can reduce hair density permanently by 75% after only 3 sessions -Can treat many skin colors especially dark skin.

The device is able to get rid of hair in large areas of the body faster, and combines laser ND: YANG, and laser Alexandrite, and also treats vascular lesions, facial veins, and achieve the most effective and comfortable for many skin types,

The device also has the ability to control wavelength adjustable to suit the appropriate treatment, and the needs of each person; to achieve maximum effectiveness and comfort whatever the skin type or color.

DEKA device

DEKA uses many wavelengths such as intense pulsed light, alexandrite laser, ND: YANG laser, and full treatment FT, which means that the hair is highly selective for various medium, thin, and smooth hair types with minimal side effects.

The device is characterized by accurate results, deep access to hair, as well as ensuring comfort for the patient, due to the light and fast circular movement while using the device, which reduces the energy and heat that reach the skin.

Gentle laser device

Gentle laser combines the characteristics of two different wavelengths: ND: YANG laser, which allows the elimination of hair for people with dark and dyed skin, and the laser Alexandrite, which reaches quickly and efficiently for different hair types, and in large areas of the body, and thanks to the multiplicity of wavelengths can access the bulbs with high accuracy.

The device is safe and fast thanks to a device to cool the skin during treatment, releases a pulse of cold spray between each laser pulse to the other to cool the laser heat even if the doctor provides the skin with a cooling gel.This property provides a sense of comfort and reduce discomfort during the sessions.Also reduce side effects. For the treatment of many skin problems such as spider veins and spots.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser device is directed to the target area, after the application of local anesthetic, gel gel for cooling, and during the passage of the device pulses are released from the laser light and between each pulse and another is released cooling spray in the form of pulses, through a special device supplied with the laser device, and called cooling spray Automatically, to reduce the effect of laser heat and to prevent discomfort during the procedure, it also reduces side effects, swelling and redness.

Then the melanin absorbs the laser light until it reaches the hair follicles, and once it reaches the follicles it shrinks due to heat and dies, then the hair eventually falls out after several days, and the new hair that is not exposed to the laser grows, and the sessions are repeated for 4 to 6 months until all Hair, finally hair grows lighter in weight and color, less dense.



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